eBay adds RSS for search

eBay started offering feeds for your searches last week. That’s good. It’ll help extend RSS even more. Plus it’ll be nice for eBayers. It’s just a shame they aren’t using the proposed standard orange box, but instead the letters RSS in an orange rectangle.

But is RSS totally legit now or what? Rhetorical question, but I think this really is good news.

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Hosting your own blog or using a hosted service: the pros and cons

One of the questions a new blogger or blogging organization has to make is whether to use a hosted service (like blogger.com, typepad.com, etc.) or to rent server space and host the blog yourself. Perhaps the most accurate way to describe this is to call the options a. hosted blogging software and b. unhosted blogging software. Here are some pros and cons both directions, based on my experience and thoughts.
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700 Web2.0 sites “reviewed by hand”

Check it out, this is great. Not the be-all end all list, but pretty cool. Funny omissions: upcoming.org not in events. Podshow not in podcasts. NetSquared not in philanthropy, ouch – maybe next year. See any others? I love that Blummy was a winner! I use it all the time.

This is a great peek into the field. Quite a few I’ve never seen before. The company that came up with this site, SEOMoz, is brilliant. I found it via Digg.

Social Signal to teach strategic blogging workshop in B.C. this May

Here’s something the world needs more of: a workshop on blogging as part of your larger communication strategy. And not just any workshop, but a 4 day workshop in a beautiful location with great food. (Priced quite fairly, I think, given how intensive it sounds.) Alex Samuel and Rob Cottingham of Social Signal are very smart people, I met them and enjoyed their company at recent South by Southwest and NTen conferences. Rob is a politically savvy and very funny guy. Alex has a PHD from Harvard and does online work around blogging, tagging, RSS, the international digital divide and lots of other topics. (And with Net Squared, where we’re both contracted.) This workshop isn’t about the technical side of blogging though, it’s about the strategic side of the medium.

I know that in my consulting practice, and I hear the same from other people all the time, many organizations can have a hard time grasping the ethos and potential of self-publishing on the web – of blogging! I find that the better I understand the whole story myself, the better I’m able to explain it to other people, to make it happen and to get the most out of the medium. That’s why something like what Alex and Rob are putting on makes sense to me.

You can read about the workshop on the venue’s web site and about Social Signal at socialsignal.com

Inline chat with folks on your site

Group or private chat via Mobber.com

Check that out! Couldn’t be simpler, this service called Mobber was posted on Emily Chang’s eHub. What’s the e in eHub stand for? For the e in Web 2.0 names like Mobber that didn’t get eliminated. No, but it’s nice to see that e.

If readers here and I like this, I may try shrinking it and putting it in my sidebar. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to IM with some one reading the same article you are at the same time and say “have you figured out how to get this tool to work? Marshall’s writing is incomprehensible!” Talk about the loss of control over the message that comes through a site though! It almost scares even me.

We’ll have to see how all the specifics in IMness work out in this system. Seems like a cool idea though.

I just tried another service called userplane, but it didn’t make anything appear in a blog post. That one has a Drupal plug in though, which is nice. I think I like mobber.

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