What’s been in my ears

I’ve been listening to some pretty good podcasts lately and thought I’d point readers here to some of them and the resources around them.

  • Who’s the #1 blogger amongst people who have identified their favorite reads in the new Technorati Favorites system? Steve Rubel, a prolific blogger who covers the new PR at MicroPersuasion. He did a great interview with Brian Oberkirch of Weblogs Work, just posted today. He talks about blogging his brains out and the emerging roll of blogs in PR. About 30 minutes long, it’s a good listen.
  • After being told by Dave Winer in comments here to stop worrying and listen to his most recent podcast on OPML 2.0 explained in an understandable way – I admit that I do feel a lot better. I don’t think his explanation is as accessible as he thinks it is (I’m going to try and write up an even more straight forward one here asap) but if you are interested in OPML it’s a great thing to listen to. It’s at this link: OPML 2.0 Podcast
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Yay! I’m going to SXSW

Just found out that I’m going to be able to attend the South by Southwest Interactive event in Austin next weekend. Some face to face time with web-friends sure sounds like fun. I’ll also be doing some interviews for Net Squared.

I’ll also be at NTEN’s Non Profit Technology Conference in Seattle later this month. Just thought I’d let you know. Pretty exciting stuff. I feel pretty lucky to be able to afford this kind of conference hopping right now, so if you’re at either of these make sure to look me up before the winds of fortune change and I’m stuck in my bedroom working in my pajamas again.

Notes on OPML work

If you’ve been following this blog lately you know I’m super psyched about OPML as a way to create and share bundles of RSS feeds. I love it! Creating an OPML file is like being an editor for a living anthology. I hope that lots of people will be creating OPML files all over the place on every topic soon. Here’s a few quick notes on what I’m doing in that department, please drop a comment if you have any thoughts to contribute.

  • I’m going to interview Lisa Williams, who blogs at OPML Fan, for Net Squared in a couple of days. I’m going to ask her, amongst other things, for some real clear basic info that I can share with others.
  • I’m going to try to write up a “What is OPML?” resource page to go on the left side bar of this site. The closest thing I have right now is probably the 5 Useful OPML files post here.
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