Adding email subscription

While making a variety of site design changes I’ve given in and decided to start offering e-mail subscription to this blog. While I wouldn’t encourage anyone to use email (RSS is essential) if that’s what you’d like, it’s now available. It’s also a chance to check out Feedburner’s own new e-mail service, which looks better than their partner services they’ve had for awhile. We’ll see how many subscriptions it gets!

Event: Using Social Networking Applications for Nonprofits

Very cool looking online asynchronous event going on over at Tech Soup today, all about how nonprofits can use social networking applications like Friendster, Tribe,
Linked in, My Space,, and Frappr in a profesional context. Some pretty prominent people will be there from some of these social networking service providers. Full details after the jump.
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Carnival of the Green is worth checking out

Are you familiar with the Blog Carnival phenomenon? It’s interesting. Different blogs take turns periodically summarizing and linking out to other blogs writing about the same topic. Yesterday saw Carnival of the Green #23. It’s a good way to discover new blogs and get some human editorial vision on highlights in a given space. There’s a directory of a huge variety of Blog Carnivals at I just subscribed to the feed so I can highlight interesting new ones when they appear.

Enough is Enough Zimbabwe unveiled

A project I’ve been working on for several months, called Enough is Enough Zimbabwe, has just been opened to the public. It’s a blog about the struggle against the tyrannical government of Zimbabwe, a country with a very active blogosphere. Conceived of by the Committee to Protect Bloggers, set up by myself and it is now to be edited by one of the country’s most popular bloggers, a person who goes by the name The Zimbabwean Pundit ( The blog is politically independent and not associated with any particular political movement there.

In addition to original writing, the site is a hub for aggregated multimedia on the topic. As you can imagine, I’ve souped it up (and will continue to do so) with as many features above and below the hood as make sense to me. Make sure you visit the links on the top of the site, where you’ll find the most recent posts from other Zimbabwean blogs, international news coverage and reader submitted audio and video.

I hope you’ll check it out, subscribe and let other people know about it. The struggle in Zimbabwe is an inspiring one and the people there really need for the rest of the world to know about what they are experiencing and how they are responding to it. We hope that the blogosphere will be a useful part of the larger effort there.

Please visit Enough is Enough Zimbabwe.

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Today is a special day

My partner and I are celebrating our second anniversary of our first kiss today. I couldn’t be happier. She’s pretty stoked too.