How to catch all your subscribers in Feedburner for a Blogger blog

In trying to help someone out today I realized that the system does not let you directly change a blog’s header tags, thus it is difficult to replace the native Blogger RSS feed URL with a Feedburner feed URL for people who use a bookmarklet or other means of autodiscovery to subscribe to your blog. Low and behold the fantastic Feedburner forums hold the answer. It’s kind of a wacky work around, but it looks like it should work.

Why is this important? Because, though Feedburner offers many great features, keeping track of the number of RSS subscribers you have is the most important. Don’t sacrifice the satisfaction of seeing your subscribers grow to a certain number just because it’s a struggle to plop in some code.

I’m going to be working on a review of various blogging software systems this week and one of the things the organization I’m doing it for has asked me to evaluate is how easy each of these systems makes it to change your blog’s template. Direct access to the HTML code is so important. Many systems give you an easy-to use interface that stands between you and the code. While it might seem nice to have, with practice your use of your own blog can grow more sophisticated and it’s important to be able to easily access the template yourself. Best I’ve seen is probably WordPress. Many bad options here. Typepad is not easy to work with on this front, but it’s easier than some options.

Bookmarklet to generate open in new window link

John Tropea at Library Clips was asking if anyone knew of a bookmarklet that would generate link text to open in a new window. I thought I could figure that out based on the tagging bookmaklets I’d fidled with before (see also the screen cast there if bookmarklets in general could use clarification.)

So here’s that bookmarklet, you can probably figure out how to use it.


Here’s what the code looks like, displayable thanks to John’s recommended service (I just used the bookmarklet to use that link – hooray!

<a href="javascript:(function(){var%20a=”;var%20t=prompt
()" rel="nofollow">NewWindow</a>

So obviously this is only going to be useful in some circumstances. You’re lined text will read but I’m often ok with that. A real developer could make this more sophisticated, but for now I think it’s pretty darned handy. Heck, I’ll bet with a little more time I could add another field so you can put in your text and then what you want it to link to. Anyone else faster at this than I am though?

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I’m being attacked by robots

Ugh, this blog has been under heavy comment spam attack for the last 48 hours. Hundreds and hundreds of spam comments. It is no longer viable to just go in and use the Word Press mass edit function. It is also quite dispiriting. I think I’m going to stop blogging.

Ha ha, just kidding! I’m going to start evaluating various anti-spam products and services! And I’m going to prowl the streets at night and see if I can find any comment spammers so I can…give them a firm talking to (?). I know there are much more evil people in the world, but they are the most wretched creatures I come into contact with regularly.

I’ll post updates on either front as they become available.

RSS consulting and client feedback

Just found the impeteus to put together a one page PDF description of my consulting services in regards to RSS for Competitive and Market Intelligence (making the most of RSS reading to maximize rapid knowledge discovery etc. in your field of interest.) I’ll post that here for your feedback if you’d like to leave any. I’ve got room on the work schedule in June and July for a short gig or two and RSS training is what I’d like to focus on.

Speaking of feedback, I’ve updated my client feedback page so it looks nicer. I know I’ve left some folks off who’ve sent me feedback, but no offense intended.

One cool teacher on the congressional move against social networking sites

A group of primarily Republicans calling themselves the “Suburban Caucus” have moved to require schools to block access to all commercial web sites that enable the creation of web pages by students, user profiles and the ability to communicate between users. Otherwise they would lose their federally subsidized internet access. It’s MySpace-o-phobia gone nuts. It’s despicable, but I’ve never liked school much anyway. I wrote a snarky post about it over on Social Software last week and some very interesting commentary has emerged in the comments section. The best commentary I’ve seen yet, however is from the Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis. Davis is an outspoken Christian, a private school teacher in Georgia – and she’s got a long, scathing critique of the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) congressional proposal. I highly recommend checking it out. Vicki points to some great resources on the topic and her post is a good place to start if you want to learn more or help do something about it. Thanks Vicki!

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