Kind words from recent client: Softrax

I keep saying that I’m going to write up a particular case study here about one of my favorite recent clients, the Massachusetts-based accountant trainers at Softrax. We worked together on a major project for their site I’m just a few days from having something long to post on it, but I did get a nice quote that I can post now. More on the way about the very interesting work we did together. I like to work with people in a wide variety of industries, these are accountants.

Marshall provided us with a very effective and manageable system to bring a wide range of relevant news content onto our site. He did a great job managing the project – it required minimal technical resources and was very cost-effective. Our percentage of returning visitors and our depth of visit metrics have both improved since the implementation.

– Gerry Murray, Director Corporate Communications, Softrax

Thanks Gerry!

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries about my consulting services since leaving my day job to join Read/WriteWeb and do more consulting – but as they say: just because you’ve got work now is no reason to stop lining it up for the future. Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss what we could do together.

A post about some of my favorite tools: Gmail RSS, FeedYes and FeedDigest

My friend Justin Kistner has started a blog carnival of sorts that he’s calling Advanced Operators, all about working with new tools online. He’s had smart people contribute posts on all kinds of topics on their blogs and I thought I’d participate in this round.

The topic this week is “my favorite tools.” Justin has posted a good long list on his site (as well as the snazzy picture here that he designed himself!); I decided to focus on three tools in particular that I’m particularly jazzed about right now.
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On blogging: an interview with an old friend

My old friend Justin Kistner just relaunched his website with a hot new WordPress theme, an enviably beautiful description of his consulting services and an interview with me, his old high school debate rival. We’ve met back up ten years later in the tech world and he interviewed me about being a professional blogger. I hope you’ll check it out if you’re interested.

Justin’s consulting services are also worth a look. He helps companies “understand your needs and define your project before you hire web design and/or programming talent.” He’s a very smart guy. I hope we can do some work together, in fact.

Introducing my “social media starter kit”

Ever since I got into this business, I’ve wanted to spread the basic tools at the core of what’s changing the internet to as many people as possible. Today, my consulting services often end up being more substantial than is appropriate for people just starting to engage with new tools online. In those circumstances, I’ve been able to offer blog posts to share what I’ve learned and I often answer questions for people quickly and at no cost.
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