Future thinking: How to easily search across the work of 125 leading women futurists

Tonight I’m working on some thinking about future scenarios for my business, regarding a particular question (pricing).  I found myself thinking that there must be some good structured thinking tools for exploring questions like this in the foresight/futurist community.  Last week we made a big report on 125 top women futurists on the social web over at Little Bird.

I exported that report, grabbed all the home page URLs associated with these top futurist women, used them to populate a Google Custom Search engine and sure enough, found some awesome assets I could use. Quickly and easily.

Here’s that Search Engine: Women Futurists.  I thought I’d share it here, in the event that others are equally excited about leveraging the treasure trove of resources across all these wonderful websites.  I found this great page of resources for foresight exercises, for example.  But you could search for any topic and see what these people have written about it.  I love Custom Search Engines.  Bookmark and enjoy!

Future thinking...