700 Web2.0 sites “reviewed by hand”

2 Comments 03.28.06

Check it out, this is great. Not the be-all end all list, but pretty cool. Funny omissions: upcoming.org not in events. Podshow not in podcasts. NetSquared not in philanthropy, ouch – maybe next year. See any others? I love that Blummy was a winner! I use it all the time.

This is a great peek into the field. Quite a few I’ve never seen before. The company that came up with this site, SEOMoz, is brilliant. I found it via Digg.

HEY: Carbon is a heat trapping gas. We are pumping huge amounts of carbon into the air. We have been humans for between 200k and 1.8m years and it's not clear we're going to make it another 200.

I'd say please send for help, but there's no other help to send for.