6 Short Podcasts Recorded on My Phone

Bloging makes publishing easier than ever, but given that I blog for a living at ReadWriteWeb, it’s been hard to blog here on Marshallk.com as well. Classic problem for people who work in tech. However, I have recorded 36 podcasts over the last 3 months using the Cinch iPhone app! Here’s my account there. The service is so easy to publish with! When things are going well, I try to publish there every day. The production quality isn’t everything it could be – this is super mobile podcasting – but I think the ease of publishing and quality of content outweigh the issues with background noise, etc. (If you disagree, let me know. But know that the choice is between these podcasts and no podcasts.)

I was just thinking this morning about the next podcast I want to record using Cinch, probably while walking my dogs, and it occurred to me: why on earth am I not posting those here on my personal site, where listeners will be exposed to my personal promotional materials instead of to Cinch’s on its website?

I love Cinch and am happy to promote the service, but I’ve got services of my own to promote as well. (ReadWriteWeb, the blog I co-edit, and my own personal consulting services, generally one single hour-long phone call per week. Drop me a line via marshall@marshallk.com – next week’s call could be with you!)

There will be a little more work I need to do in order to post my Cinch-casts here, I’ll spare you the details, but I think it will be well worth it and will not significantly raise the overhead on this super-easy service to publish to.

So without further delay, let’s play catch-up. Below are a few of my favorite, mostly tech-related Cinchcasts. If you’d like to subscribe to everything I record as a podcast, here’s a link for iTunes and here’s an RSS feed with enclosures.

Different types of relationships between tech startups and bloggers

Why people use location based social networks

Lead to this very successful post on ReadWriteWeb.

Passion and the Internet of Things

The new media production schedule & its consequences in terms of quality

Looking past paper, looking back from digital media consumption

The Sounds of the Eugene Train Station

One of my personal favorites, a short wordless soundscape from the train station on the way out of my home town. I’d like to do more soundscapes with Cinch.

  • Awesome! I love that you are making these short podcasts. It’s so good for building skills, tightening what you say and learning to use other mediums to express yourself. You are motivating me to start up my video shorts again. Nice work!

  • Marshall

    Thanks buddy. Glad to hear I can help in the inspiration department. You do great videos.

  • I like the distinction between official (RWW), personal (here) and instant (Cinch) but… It’s more about your availability than the content—that would be more relevant, I think.

  • Thanks for sharing this valuable info.