A good RSS to OPML file generator

My old favorite web service for turning a list of feeds into a bulk-importable OPML file has recently gone offline but today I found this one: http://reader.feedshow.com/goodies/opml/OPMLBuilder-create-opml-from-rss-list.php

Oh does that make me happy. I found a list of the top 25 business web app startups or some such thing today and of course I sent the link to Fancyhands, asking them to go grab the RSS feeds for each of those companies’ blogs or press releases. They did so, like magic, then I plopped those puppies into the form on the page above. It’s a simple function to perform, but it’s a nice time saver. Now I’m ready to subscribe to them all and keep up to date with important developments in those companies. Thanks, Internet!

  • jckinnick

    How does it work though?