Blogging Software Compared

The folks over at have put together a good comparison of Word Press, Movable Type and TextPattern. These three blogging systems are amongst the most popular and people sometimes ask me, “which one should I use?” Well here’s a good resource to look into.

For more in-depth and technical comparison of a larger number of options, check out Asymptomatic’s Blog Software Breakdown.

If you are interested in corporate blogging or work for a large non-profit, you should look into the MyST-based blog and RSS software of RSS I have been writing on their blog about enterprise blogging and RSS for about a week now and their software seems quite good. The system is designed to maximize your visiblity in search engines, it supports podcasts and other enclosures well, it incorporates RSS beautifully and it supports blogging both publicly and behind a firewall. It’s pretty impressive and comes with a training session.

I hope those are useful pointers for people trying to decide what blog software is best for them.

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