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Consulting on the Basics – Still a Huge Opportunity

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I spent a fast-paced, heavy-hitting hour on the phone today with a consulting client and it was so much fun! I introduced them to the basics about effective blog reading, blog writing, RSS, OPML, Custom Search Engines and using Twitter effectively for marketing and business development. It was intense! The client, who is a recently acquired and very technical B2B service provider, said it was immediately valuable and much appreciated.

I forget sometimes how many people have yet to learn the beauty and powerful value of personalized content syndication and related technologies. I could probably spend all day, every day, getting people excited about it, if I didn’t have an awesome day job. As it is, I do one hour-long phone consultation each week. (Info) To be honest, I’ve got that much time allotted but I’m not filling each week’s hour up. I’d like to though, because I love doing consulting work.

My advice for anyone out there reading who is also jazzed about this stuff? Don’t forget how much opportunity there still is to teach people how to really effectively leverage the basics. It might not feel that way to many of us, but these are still very early days in the history of social web technologies.

  • I’m thinking of a similar service here Hope this succeeds. 😉

  • Hey, that’s an alternate income I hadn’t considered. I mistakenly assume other business folks know at least as much about web pub as myself.

  • Marshall

    Mark, that’s mistaken thinking for sure. It is a skill to be able to teach them well, but I think it’s something you should consider.

  • I’ve been thinking about this ever since I read it last week. My question is, how do you go about finding those people? Or better yet, showing them that they need to know about it?

  • Zane Trosper

    Practical suggestions , Apropos , if you needs to merge some PDF files , my boss encountered a tool here

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