Courts: Craigslist Not a Publisher (Good) Videoblogger Not A Journalist (Bad)

Two court cases worth watching in recent days: one court ruled that Craigslist isn’t responsible for discriminatory housing ads users post on its site and another kept SF videoblogger Josh Wolf in prison possibly for the duration of a grand jury regarding a protest. The Craigslist ruling is complicated in its implications and may not be 100% good news for the web. The company has said throughout, by the way, that they hope the “flag as offensive” option would help with situations like this. Good discussion of case complications at the Chicagoist.

On Josh Wolf the video blogger, if you consider a videoblogger a journalist (and I think you should), then it’s important that if Wolf is detained for the duration of the grand jury (until July) then the NYT says “Mr. Wolf, who has served 88 days, will be the longest-incarcerated journalist in recent American history, according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.” Here’s Wolf’s site.