Digg Jumps Into the Presidential Election; No, Kevin Rose Isn’t Running

Digg just announced the addition of two new topics on the site – one about a boring software company I don’t follow and the other, the US 2008 Presidential Election. It’s going to get heated in there – people assume that Digg has a liberal bias but conservatives are very comfortable going there as well. Michelle Malkin, besides making one of the most well produced video blogs on the web, has encouraged people to go there in droves, if I remember the story correctly. (Here’s the discussion of the announcement.)

Anyway, what better time than now to post here a wonderful SplashCast creation – one embedded media player that contains all the candiates’ offical YouTube videos and updates automatically as it’s populated by RSS feeds. Woo hoo! I’m going to be working on promoting this one and many other related channels to relevant bloggers in the coming weeks. I don’t even like any of the candidates – not at all, I just think this is a very cool use of SplashCast. So let’s celebrate Digg’s insane move into thumbs-up, thumbs-down partisan politics on a large scale with a player right here and now.