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Explaining The Business Value of Blogs and RSS, Quickly

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I’d like to do some consulting for some environmentally focused businesses next year. As part of that effort I’m pitching a relevant trade journal with an article idea. That’s not something I’ve done before, but for now that’s beside the point. I write to you here to ask- what do you think of the following as a succinct explanation of the power of blogging and RSS? I thought you might enjoy reading it and comparing notes.

Small sustainability-minded businesses now have a greater opportunity than ever before to experience “information power parity” with larger and more traditionally oriented competitors. There are a new class of tools, specifically blogs and RSS syndication, that enable businesses to:
1. speak directly to consumers without being dependent on anyone else for media coverage
2. to turn marketing into issue leadership and website visitors into subscribed stakeholders
3. to gain first-mover’s advantage on industry news and the moves of competitors by automating your online research.

I’d like to write a how-to overview of those possibilities in the sustainable industries context. It would be based on the experiences I described in this article: social media for marketing…

I think that’s pretty good but I’m interested in your opinion of the ideas and articulation. I’ve been a big believer since I got into this business in the power of advanced RSS to help anyone smart become a leader in their corner of the information economy – whatever that might be. It’s worked very well for me, I’d like to spend some time with green businesses helping them do the same. It’s always a challenge explaining it, though, particularly before getting to do a visual demonstration. At that point everything becomes clear, but how do you open the conversation with ambitious people unfamiliar with the concepts?

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