Feedback on Optimizing a Humor Blog

0 Comments 01.12.06

In a fun change of pace, I recently contracted with the author of to do a blog evaluation and recommendations for optimization. JagPot is a humor and satire blog, so true to form he wrote me a testimonial afterwords that is itself quite funny. Readers interested in the process of teaching new users how to use Web 2.0 tools might especially enjoy the humor.

Here’s the serious part.

When it comes to blog expertise, Marshall’s brain contains a large supply of actual working knowledge. He has written some of the best articles on blogging that I could find in days of research…In a half hour on the phone, I gained a full understanding of everything in his report. At that point, rolling out his recommended changes was a snap.

I contacted Marshall the morning of January 5th. The day before, The JagPot had 31 visits….Yesterday, January 10th, only five days after I first e-mailed Marshall, The JagPot had 129 visits, 48 of whom were first-timers.

That increase may not all be due to Marshall’s work and input, but a lot of it is. If you’re struggling with your blog and having trouble getting noticed, I absolutely recommend Marshall Kirkpatrick’s site and services.

Thanks Jagre!

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