The value of listening vs broadcast in social media

I finally wrote my first post on our company’s new blog yesterday, The true value of online influencers: It’s not about parroting your messages. I hope you’ll check it out, find it valuable, share it and join us for discussion in comments.

The post is a response to my frustration about the limited imaginations I see too often with regard to so-called “online influencers.” What do you do with them? Not just spam them and hope they’ll retweet you! But learn from them, build relationships and capture value over the long term. I know that in agency life, it’s hard to do that though. Clients pay the bills and they don’t pay for the long-term. Hopefully agencies can invest in the long term in a way that drives more business value in each short-term engagement. For example, you can charge more and land more business because you’ve developed long-term knowledge and connections in a field. That sounds more viable than charging a client for you to build those long-term assets.

One counterpoint that I think is really useful though is this, from Enterprise collaboration thought leader Greg Lowe on Google+

I think it all comes down to the industry to define the measurements that translate into $$$. Marketing has been promoting for 75+ years, these behaviors won’t change without incentive.

Something to ponder!

I’m concerned that it’s going to be very hard to define the measurements that translate value captured from learning and relationship building into money, though. Please, someone, tell me I’m wrong about that!

  • Marshall, great points. I would like to believe that companies will eventually figure out new values that support your statement, but I can’t ever see them just having the light bulb turn on. This will require a lot of work, many failures and may even require new leadership in a company. I am not saying today’s leaders are not capable of understanding, but instead it’s their stakeholders that he is trying to please. Wall St only makes the problem worse by focusing on “What have you done for me lately?”. This short-term focus makes CEO’s focus on the next quarterly report vs long term success.

  • @digitalmediator

    Social media comes with cost and consequences and one of the thigns I’ve noticed is the sacrifice of the depth of concept you can comminicate in exchange for the width of range in terms of people you can reach

  • James Hendries

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