Have a Startup? You Should Consider Applying for the Web 2.0 Expo Launchpad

0 Comments 02.17.09

I am proud to have been selected as one of 3 judges for the next Web 2.0 Expo Launchpad contest. Matt Marshall of Venturebeat, someone from Microsoft and myself will make Kings for At Least A Day of the crew of one lucky startup. Whether you get in to the Launchpad or not, the Web 2.0 events are a great thing to attend, a terrific place to meet people in the industry.

HEY: Carbon is a heat trapping gas. We are pumping huge amounts of carbon into the air. We have been humans for between 200k and 1.8m years and it's not clear we're going to make it another 200.

Fortunately there's a solution available: Soil carbon sequestration!