I’ll be Connecting and Blogging for Net Squared

I am excited to report that I’ve been contracted by the wonderful folks at Net Squared to do work as a Blogger/Connector regarding non-profit groups using the web in interesting ways. Here’s what I wrote over there to describe what I’ll be doing.

I’ve been brought on board to act as a connector between different members of the community that could be of assistance to each others’ work and to blog about the kinds of work people are doing around the world.

I’ll be writing and posting some multi-media about the good news and the bad in the movement to make emerging technology a powerful part of the non-profit world.

The organization is largely focused on building participation for a conference in S.F. next May, but along the way the Net Squared site is a great place to learn about new tools for use in social change campaigns. I hope readers here will check it out and get involved. Here’s some highlights from the site that you might find of interest:

  • The conference page is all about the event, which you should consider attending.
  • The case studies page is a great place to learn about what exciting work is being done by many groups around the world.
  • The Community Blogs page is where you can find all the staff blog posts aggregated in one place.

I am beside myself with joy to get to work with this group and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to create useful, interesting connections and writing.

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