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I’m Loving Me Some Tungle, Bet You Would Too

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I’ve been doing a mind numbing number of briefings with companies doing work on the real-time web since we announced the ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit, Research Report and Month of Special Focus yesterday at RWW. (By the way, check it out.) I found a wonderful service called that syncs with my Google calendar and allows other people to see when I’m busy or free in order to suggest meeting times. My calendar is here and I am SO appreciative of this service! I know there are other competitors out there, like TimeBridge for example but so far Tungle is doing the trick for me. Web apps like this remind me how a good app can solve a problem you hadn’t even realized you had. Check it out, it might rock your world too.

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  • Todd

    Dang Marshall, Tungle is *not* using OAuth.

    I scold Tungle ( and you ) “Bad web app! No! Bad app!”

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