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Interviews with people from and Freedom Toaster

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Two new interviews posted over at Net Squared. The first was with Leonard Lin, a co-founder of the super-calender service, now owned by Yahoo. Leonard gets pretty heady, it’s cool.

The second was with Jason Hudson of Freedom Toaster. Freedom Toaster is so cool! It’s a vending machine that appears around South Africa that dispenses free open source software and cultural content. Jason and I had a good conversation by IM, 8am my time, about 8pm his time. Two things you don’t want to miss from the Freedom Toaster interview: first, the picture of the Toaster itself – it is sweet! (Oh what the heck, I’ll throw it up here too!)

Second, at the end of the interview I added not just an OPML file of feeds related to the Freedom Toaster Project, but also a swift Grazr box so readers could preview the bundled feeds before subscribing. I had to get the right permissions from the site admin to put in that code, but from here on out I think I’ll be doing that with every interview I can. I love it.

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