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Introducing my “social media starter kit”

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Ever since I got into this business, I’ve wanted to spread the basic tools at the core of what’s changing the internet to as many people as possible. Today, my consulting services often end up being more substantial than is appropriate for people just starting to engage with new tools online. In those circumstances, I’ve been able to offer blog posts to share what I’ve learned and I often answer questions for people quickly and at no cost.

I’ve decided, though, that I need to offer something basic, simple and inexpensive (but still really substantive) among the services I offer. Thus my new “Social media starter kit.” Here’s what it includes (bare bones explanation)

  • An OPML file of top feeds regarding your industry, gathered and created as needed
  • RSS and email subscription for your website
  • a custom search engine for the field you work in.

Cost: $1000. (Discounts available for nonprofits.)
For full details, and non-technical explanations of it all, see this page.

These are resources that I think individuals and companies in almost any industry can make use of. That’s putting it lightly, this stuff is super useful. I want to help take these tools outside the limited places they’re used so far, but readers here could find them useful too. I’ve packaged it all together for one small price because I think that can work well in conjunction with my other consulting. Also, putting things like this together is something I’m good at and enjoy doing. I’ve given a lot of thought to both the introductory explanations on this page and the advanced, more technical explanations.

Most of the services I’ll use to compile these resources are free or low-cost. You’ll learn how to use them yourself as a result of our work together and you’ll get a starter package of particularly well assembled resources right away. If you’d prefer to put all this together yourself at no cost, just ask and I’ll tell you what tools I use to do it.

Please let me know what you think about both the idea and the presentation. “Social media” may not be the best phrase, I’m not sure.

If this is a package you would like to buy, there’s no time better than the present. I think it’s a great deal and will come in very handy.

In regards to this package, I’m thinking of my blog’s readers as potential customers, potential referrers and some of my most valued advisers. So don’t be shy about leaving a comment or sending me an email ( with any thoughts on this.

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