More examples of big internal corporate blogs

I like to keep track of good examples of Web 2.0 tools being adopted by anyone and everyone. When the corporate world offers a new example, I imagine that probably gives the tools all the more credence. Sally Falkow has a write up on two good examples: French pharmaceutical company Ipsen is using blogging as a reputation management and competitive intelligence tool and financial giants Ernst & Young are using what they call “pages” and internal teams working on clients and projects use the system to collaborate and share knowledge. Both of these examples leverage the heck out of RSS, I’m sure.

Falkow’s write up has some more details and says that the Blogsite platform, which she uses on her blog and I write with as well for one of my clients, would be a good solution in both of these circumstances. I agree wholeheartedly, the Blogsite platform is very good in many ways.