My Services

I work as a trainer and consultant in the use of Web2.0 tools. These include:

  • Blogging – publishing short writings online, quickly and easily, as part of the interlinked conversation in the blogosphere
  • Social Bookmarking- get your bookmarks off your browser, make them richer, reusable and sharable or private
  • Advanced Search – find what you want quickly, even automatically (before you know it’s there to find)
  • RSS (rich site summary/really simple syndication) – create your own personalized newsdesk for headlines, updates, emails and anything else you want delivered into one place to save time and know more, faster
  • Podcasting – listen to and create “radio on demand” for communication with the world or members of your organization, whenever and wherever is convenient for them to listen
  • Wikis – webpages that anyone with permission can change, with all previous versions saved and automatic notification when changes are made. Great for group development of documents.

Seperately or used together, these are incredible tools that open exciting possibilities for research and communication. I can teach you how to use, integrate or upgrade your application of any of these tools. In some cases, I can be hired to use these tools myself to assist in your projects.

I like to work with:

  • Non-profit groups
  • Small businesses
  • Individual activists and academics
  • Other web2.0 enthusiasts and technologists

The easiest way for me to help you is to have me perform a blog or web site optimization or evaluation for you. Send me an email about it!

Blog optimization is one of the things I’m best at. Be sure to check out a selection of feedback from my previous clients and my list of recent citations elsewhere on the web (sidebar).