Now available: a MarshallK super feed

I really appreciate those of you who are subscribed to this blog’s RSS feed.  As part of my recent, albeit aesthetically challenged, redesign of the site – I’ve started to run a new section of links along the right hand sidebar.  Those are links to the most interesting things I’ve found online throughout the day that I want to share with readers.  I’ve been doing a good job keeping that content fresh, something I waited to make sure I could do before blogging about it here. My motivation really has been a desire to share these off-site resources with others.

I’ve put together a new RSS feed that you can subscribe to, one that combines this blog’s feed with those links I want to share.  Here’s the URL:

Of course my existing feed will still be available, delivering only my full blog posts from here.  I think many of you may enjoy some other quick links, though.

For those of you who want to subscribe to a daily email digest, for now I’ll put a form for that in this post.

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How did I splice these two RSS feeds together?  I used FeedDigest, one of my favorite tools and a service I gladly pay for every month.  I combined my blog’s feeds and my shared items feed (a tag I’m using in in FeedDigest, then took that new feed and ran it through FeedBurner.  

I think my next step will be to combine my SplashCast video favorites into the same super feed.