Podcasting’s Ascent Continues: Podshow, the Mommy Cast and IBM

According to an article in the Mercury News, there’s big developments in the podosphere. The great network of shows and services over at Podshow is adding 30 more shows to its roster, up from 6 or 7. If the quality of these new shows approaches the quality of the old ones, we’re in for a real treat. I have long enjoyed Podshow’s Gilmour Gang and Yeast Radio. The new shows look very good too.

In related news, I didn’t know that The Mommycast, a podcast about raising kids, just got a $100,00+ sponsorship from Dixie paper products. It’s a cool show, with no political pretense, so good for them!

Podcasts for broadcast have really enriched my life, and I know they have the lives of others as well. They don’t have to be just for public consumption, though. I wrote an article earlier today over at the blog of RSS Applied about IBM’s use of podcasts for internal communication. That’s a very exciting concept. One resource I did not know about when I wrote that article was a podcast just uploaded today! It’s at over at John Furrier’s site and is titled Inside IBM. I’m going to go walk the dog and listen to it right now!

Update: That IBM podcast is pretty boring until 10 minutes in. You can get the gist of who the interview subject is by visiting the link above, but the first 10 minutes are largely about entertainment podcasts. The whole interview is 16 mins long and the last 6 minutes I found worth listening to.

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