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Post of the Day: Location Privacy and Why It’s Legally Different

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Kevin Pomfret, Executive Director of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy, wrote a very good overview post last week about privacy law concerns with regard to location technology.  The overview is written from a clearly pro-technology perspective, but in a legalistic tone.  Pomfret cautions lawmakers not to create overly broad privacy laws covering location technology, at the cost of innovation.  Check it out:

Location data is just now being used to provide a growing number of critical governmental, societal and business services. The number and value of these services are increasing daily. Attempting to regulate the collection of location data without a full understanding of the technology and its vast potential could have a number of unintended consequences, including limiting the development of a number of critical governmental services. Such opportunity costs should be fully understood and explored before regulating location from a privacy standpoint. In addition, any such legislation should be narrowly tailored so as not to inhibit further growth of this important technology.

via Spatial Law and Policy: Location Privacy – Why It Is Different!.

I think the whole post is quite well articulated, and I agree with the sentiment.  What do you think?

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