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Smart Twitter, Classic Twitter

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I noticed two things about Twitter tonight. First, as part of the new site redesign there’s a new 404 (page not found) error message. It includes a search box – so if you guessed someone’s twitter name and got it wrong, you can search from them right there on that page! Brilliant. Sometimes it’s the little things.
The other thought I just had about Twitter was that it sure is nice when people post personal messages. I know a lot of people complain about mundane “what I’m eating for lunch” posts, but these really are status messages and are sometimes useful as such. I was just pinging my friend Beth Kanter on Skype and after she didn’t respond, I checked out her Twitter profile. (After I got her username wrong again, that is.) There I learned that today is Beth’s 23rd wedding anniversary! Congratulations, Beth and Husband. Thus I know not to expect a response from Beth tonight. Good old Twitter, doing its job as a way to share status messages. Keep those updates about your personal lives coming, Twitter friends!

  • Ali

    Yes these two options is very usefull for Twitter users.

  • That’s funny!

    BTW, love your NTEN add here too

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