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Struggling with WP 2.8 Problem

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I’m working on some major changes around here on this blog but before discussing them, I thought I’d post a note explaining that nothing but the front page of this site is visible right now. Go ahead, try to find another page – you will just come back to the beginning again! It’s a form of insanity, I think. In this case the insanity is caused by an unknown technical problem, which I described on the WordPress support forum here:

It’s interesting, I had loads and loads of people trying to help me on Twitter with it – but none of the proposed solutions have worked! It’s quite confounding. Since a whole lot of help on Twitter didn’t fix the problem yet, we’ll see what the WordPress support forum does for me.

Anyway, things are going to be very different around here – just as soon as everything works again!

Update:  Now that I had WP 2.8 installed, I got to do the handy automatic re-install and it appears to have solved my problem!  Way to go WordPress!

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