Video Hosting TOS Compared – But not on Digg!

I just posted over at SplashCast about an awesome piece written up by OurMedia and TechSoup comparing the details of 9 popular video hosting sites’ Terms of Service. Found via the Revver blog. Though I think that all the posts I put up at SplashCast are pretty groovy, this one in particular is something I wanted to make sure readers here got a chance to see.

Here’s a show stopper: I tried to submit the OurMedia piece to Digg – only to be told that is on the list of banned domains! That’s an awful shame! Is it because people are taking advantage of the site’s free media hosting and then spamming digg with media spam hosted on OurMedia? For whatever reason, it’s a major loss of high-quality content – like this post I’d like to submit. Digg has a tough job on its hands but as many people have been writing lately, the banned domains list may be overzealous some times.