Want 3 Minutes by Phone on ReadWriteWeb?

Do you want to record a three minute explanation of some important geeky topic, by phone, on ReadWriteWeb?

I’ve been doing experiments with audio using Cinch lately and I listened to a wonderful short-form Gov 2.0 event today while walking my dogs.

I want to try putting these two ideas together and record a 3 minute explanation of something important and interesting to post online. I like the idea of a tight time limit: it puts a premium on succinctness and density of information. Put that kind of opportunity in the hands of an articulate professional and they’ll create a high-value experience.

Let me know if you’re interested in contributing a segment and if I choose you and your topic, I’ll let you know and give you a call. We have a few million people stop by RWW each month & I think at least a handful of them will enjoy listening to something like this a lot. Shoot me an email at Marshall@readwriteweb.com to suggest a topic.

  • This is a great idea. I am excited to see you using audio to broadcast to the readers of RWW. I wonder, what is the goal of this experiment? Is it to inform or is it to express?

    As a podcaster the best advice, however unsolicited is to clearly define the objective of messaging. The use of audio could help RWW and yourself expand the influence of your unique message.

    Cool stuff.