What the world will be like in 2020 (extrapolation)

In 5 years (2020), we’ll each be sharing 32 times as much data as we are today (“Zuckerberg’s Law” Sharing doubles per person each year), and each computer will be 8 times more powerful than it is today (Moore’s Law: computing power doubles every 18 months).  Those computers will be processing that data in networked clouds of thousands of computers, full of apps made of algorithms and intelligence designed to make predictive recommendations and take automated action based on the insights derived from your data. 

Some of those actions will be taken online and some of them, thanks to robotics, drones and other connected devices, will be taken in the physical world. It’s a combination of multiple, mutually amplifying, new developments, each individually capable of driving exponential change.

So what do you think your business will be like in 5 years? I’m going to start asking people that in conversations.


Image by Frank Diana

  • what will business be like in five years?

    the beginning of the realization that cooperation is more profitable than competition…

    a growing understanding the people feel intention, and that if manipulation of people for gain is your intention your business will start to struggle .. and if genuine upliftment and service is your intention, prosperity will increase…

    language translation tools will be in everything because it’s a global world but english is only on the surface

    healthy air water and food will be huge .

    this could be a book . i’ll stop . nice post

  • Frank Diana

    On a recent radio program, I mentioned that by 2020, I envision significant investments in a broader relationship ecosystem and a major attempt to leverage the knowledge and talent of 3 billion more people that come online by then. You will also see the continued evolution of value ecosystems, which will blur the boundaries between industries and companies, and increase the number of stakeholders involved. I expect evidence of progress in a number of future scenarios laid out in the visual above.

  • I hope you’re right Frank, that future can’t come fast enough IMHO. That said, they say that the solution to every problem contains the seeds of the next problem. So presumably this networked world, where we leverage the knowledge and talent of the whole world, will present novel problems as well. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, Frank!

  • Frank Diana

    The invention of fire provided light, warmth and cooked food – but also burned down villages and shelter. Unfortunately it’s a double edge sword – which brings the emerging discussion on technology and ethics into focus