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Places I’m Speaking in the Next Month

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In case you’re interested in joining us for any of these, I recommend them all highly. Big thanks to organizers for the invites.

New Media for Nonprofits
Meyer Memorial Trust

I’ll be leading a session on “the ROI of blogging.” There will be 3 or 4 other sessions as well, about things like online video and RSS. If you’re in Portland and into npo work, you might like to join us.

Friday, October 19th at PNCA in Portland

Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey

Sam Whitmore does weekly by-subscription teleconferences with media pros (including new media ones, apparently!) and has been one of my heroes for some time. It’s a real honor to be a guest there. Sam’s site is by subscription only (free trials available) but he does have a new, public blog that’s worth subscribing to. If you’re not familiar with Sam, you’ll start noticing his name around some of the best tech podcasts on the web now that you’ve read it here.

Phone call is Tuesday, October 16th at 1:00 PST

Blog World Expo

I’m speaking a couple of times at the BlogWorldExpo on November 7th through 9th in Las Vegas. It’s going to be a very good conference, judging from the speakers list and the background of organizer Rick Calvert, a long time trade show man who has dove in head first to social media.

November 7th – 9th in Vegas, flights and registration are inexpensive – you should really think about going. See

Get fed: Comparing 3 RSS feed scraping tools

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I wrote a blog post today over at Read/WriteWeb about a small message posting service called CBox that’s being used by a man believed to be the last practicing blogger under Burmese military rule. CBox doesn’t offer an RSS feed, which is a real shame. For my post, I thought it would be nice to be able to offer readers an RSS feed they could subscribe to in order to follow the events there via this blogger.

Just because there’s not an RSS feed where you’d like there to be one is no reason to give up hope! Here are 3 tools you can use, depending on the circumstances, to scrape an RSS feed from a page that doesn’t publish one.

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