Media coverage

September 2017

EConsultancy’s coverage of IKEA’s acquisition of TaskRabbit cited my interpretation of the news.

March 2017

AdWeek quoted me briefly on the dominance of Artificial Intelligence as a topic of interest at SXSW this year.

In 2012 I left my career as a journalist and became the co-founder of influencer discovery startup Little Bird.  You can see our news coverage and citations during that period, here. Media coverage of our work ranged from Mother Jones to the Wall Street Journal, Inc, Fortune, Forbes,, The Verge, AdWeek, Fast Company, and more.

Before starting Little Bird, I worked as a technology journalist. In that capacity, I had the good fortune of being cited or quoted by the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, BBC, NPR, PBS, ABC, CBS, MNSBC and many other media organizations. The United Nations and the American Medical Association, too. Below are some highlighted links.

February 2012

CNN quoted me at length on the gamification of new funding mechanisms for video games.

January 2012

CNN interviewed me about the hot new social curation site Pinterest.

Fortune/CNN shared my analysis of the SoundCloud funding.

The LA Times cited my analysis of the potential for good in aggregate analysis of Facebook data.

November 2011

CNN cited my analysis of the Facebook IPO.

October 2011

The Wall St. Journal quoted my analysis of the expanded Skype developer platform.

August 2011

My scoop on details about Lift, the new social network backed by the co-founders of Twitter, was cited by CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Information Week, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine’s Techland blog, Huffington Post, GigaOm, Venturebeat, TechCrunch and FastCompany.

EWeek cited my coverage of Facebook’s acquisition of a startup lead by Mike Matas, a key designer of the iPhone.

EWeek also cited my coverage of the Google Plus real names policy.
July 2011

CBS News cited my review of Google’s new social network Plus. PBS Media Shift interviewed me on the subject.

The Toronto Star, the biggest newspaper in the fine nation of Canada, cited my review of Wikipedia’s new article rating system.

June 2011

PC Mag cited my review of a DARPA-funded newsreading application.

May 2011

Huffington Post cited my reporting on Twitter’s new recommended social connection system.

April 2011

NPR interviewed me about digital memory and social network user activity data as a platform.

February 2011

BBC Radio interviewed me about social media’s role in Middle East political conflict and some of the data analysis I’d done on the topic.

The Guardian cited my analysis of the cultural differences between Twitter and Facebook.

ABC News asked for my perspective on the AOL acquisition of the Huffington Post. Germany’s Spiegel Online quoted my coverage of that deal, too.

January 2011

Forbes wrote about my coverage of international Data Privacy Day.

Fast Company, the Financial Times and the Wall St. Journal cited my scoop that Twitter hired away the Principal Scientist at Bing from Microsoft.

Fortune, Gawker, The Atlantic, the New York Observer and others followed up on my reporting on a big advertising scam on social networks. That story hit the peak of Techmeme.

December 2010

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald interviewed me about a new Amazon patent on technology that pre-emptively turns gifts from designated gift givers into Amazon credits. (Creepy!)

The New York Observer cited my coverage of an original help-wanted ad for, before the company was launched.

CBS News followed up on my report about the data being collected by the company AddThis about peoples’ interests across various websites.

Editor & Publisher highlighted my report about an anonymous Twitter account being named Music Critic of the Year by Village Voice.

Information Week quoted my analysis of a new contextual filtering interface being experimented with by Facebook.

The American Medical Association interviewed me about potential uses of location technologies by the health care industry.

The Washington Post and the UK Telegraph cited my write-up about the ways I’ve made use of Yahoo’s social bookmarking service Delicious over the years. PBS interviewed me about the future prospects of the service.

MSNBC, the LA Times, Forbes, The Nation and CNet cited my reporting of Wikileaks on Facebook.

The Financial Times and the New York Observer cited my coverage of Tumblr’s down time and what it meant for the democratization of publishing. The WSJ’s All Things D ran an excerpt of my coverage.

Slate, The Atlantic and Forbes cited (and were in support of) my long-running advocacy for data mining of social network user activity data and its potential for social good.

November 2010

The Atlantic cited my coverage of Microsoft Kinect sales and of banking analyst Mary Meeker joining venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.

The Huffington Post also cited my Kinect sales analysis.

The Wall St. Journal and the BBC cited my critique of the iTunes Ping partnership with Twitter.

Forbes cited my reporting on Twitter’s first data sales offering.

PCWorld and Fast Company cited my coverage of high-profile social photo network Path.

October 2010

PC World cited my critique of Facebook data privacy critics and Computer World cited my previous coverage of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s public statements about government people-tracking programs.

August 2010

CNN interviewed me about “what’s next for check-in services” and location data as a platform.

Forbes cited my review of the Breaking News Online iPhone app in reporting on the app’s demise.

The Boston Globe cited my coverage of Diaspora, the open-source, privacy-centric alternative to Facebook.

PCWorld, NetworkWorld and the Huffington Post cited my coverage of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s statements about the coming data revolution and consumer privacy at the Techonomy conference.

FastCompany cited my coverage of’s relaunch.

July 2010

The New York Times interviewed me about the role of Techmeme in the tech blogosphere.

My article How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Made was cited by FastCompany, CBS’s BNet, New York Magazine, The Atlantic’s Daily Dish and BoingBoing, among others. Even a former speechwriter for George HW Bush cited that write-up in US News & World Report. (Odd.) That may have been the most-read article I’ve written to date.

NPR’s All Things Considered interviewed me about the impact the Old Spice commercials have made on the advertising world.

The Poynter School of Journalism blog quoted my analysis of Foursquare’s brand partnerships and the future of geolocation for marketing and more.

June 2010

Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab called my discussion of author Nicholas Carr’s critique of links “thoughtful.” Cool.

May 2010

The Electronic Frontier Foundation cited one of my critiques of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

April 2010

The Atlantic cited my analysis of the partnership between the Library of Congress and Twitter.

The Washington Post cited my review of one of Twitter’s first advertising products.

March 2010

CNN quoted my analysis of Facebook’s forthcoming Places feature.

LA Times quoted my review of a startup.

The Wall St. Journal wrote about a Portland mystery being solved using Twitter, based on my original report on the incident.

January 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine cited my reporting on Facebook’s privacy policy changes.

December 2009

Financial Times quoted my coverage of Facebook’s privacy policy changes. So did the BBC and others.

The Wall St. Journal quoted my response to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s changing privacy settings on his own site.

August 2009

CNN interviewed me about Wikipedia’s community management.

Bruce Sterling in Wired annotates my analysis of the User Experience challenges and opportunities presented by Augmented Reality.

Wall St. Journal cites my scoop of Netscape co-founder Marc Andreeson’s new Facebook-related browser. As did PC World, eWeek and a whole lot of blogs. That was a big one.

June 2009

The Christian Science Monitor cites my analysis of the historical context of Iranian protesters using Twitter.

May 2009

Wired cited my critique of what offers at launch.

MacWorld/PC World quotes my analysis of a change to Twitter’s display of replies.

April 2009

The Toronto Star wrote about my coverage of big brands and spammy ads on Twitter.

NY Times quotes my argument that Facebook’s management culture is cult-like.

February 2009

Media Post cited my analysis of Facebook’s co-operation with the OpenID Foundation.

Wired’s Epicenter blogger Michael Calore references my review of an app he reviews as well.

October 2008
Computer World quoted my analysis of YouTube’s history with AdSense when it launched music sales.

Computer World quoted my analysis of Yahoo Profiles and the Newsfeed as the dominant metaphor in social media.

Computer World quoted my analysis of the newly relaunched Google Blogsearch.

September 2008

MediaPost reports on my coverage of the new Google Chrome Terms of Use, which was also cited by Google in announcing a resulting policy change.

Computer World quoted my review of the newly relaunched MySpace Music’s user interface.

The United Nations Humanitarian Affairs News Service cited my writing about the use of Twitter in journalism.

July 2008

Computer World quoted my analysis of Yahoo’s open source search engine, BOSS.

May 2008

NPR reported on my story about the top Digg user, MrBabyMan. Their story and mine, which I am particularly proud of.

PBS quoted my explanation of the importance of APIs for the future.

March 2008

Computer World cited my reporting on an early Facebook photos security breach.

February 2008

Computer World quoted me about how cool the customer service site is.

January 2008

Computer World quotes my analysis of a Google and Facebook announcement about Data Portability.

December 2007

Utne Reader wrote a piece about the implications for DRM of Pepsi and Amazon’s Superbowl music download promotion, and quoted my coverage of same.

November 2007

Business Week cited my recommendations for improvement of the marketing of OpenID.

November 2006

The San Francisco Chronicle reported about my departure from TechCrunch. When I later rejoined the tech blogging world at ReadWriteWeb, it hit the peak of Techmeme.

October 2006

Business Week cited my critique of the PayPerPost blog ad network when the company announced its venture funding.

June 2006

The Register cited my analysis of the discovery that photo sharing site Photobucket, which was soon after acquired by Fox, was actually bigger than the more-discussed Flickr.

March 2006

Computer World quoted my analysis of the political implications of the alleged discovery of RFID malware.