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How to Create Sub-Groups to Maximize Your Online Effectiveness

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groupspic.jpgOver at ReadWriteWeb, where I spend most of my time, we write mostly news and analysis but some “how-to” type posts. Below you’ll find one of my favorite how-to posts I’ve written lately, originally titled Groups: The Secret Weapon of the Social Web. I thought I’d repost it here in case any readers missed it and because it’s relevant to my consulting work as well. Clients regularly hire me to advise or assist in the creation of strategic groups of contacts on various platforms. It’s super helpful. Check out this post and you’ll see why (and how).

Resources for Community Managers

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I’m excited to announce that I just published ReadWriteWeb’s first premium report for businesses, the RWW Guide to Online Community Management. It’s a 75 page PDF filled with the best advice we’ve curated and written about and a companion online site that works like a little “Techmeme for community management articles.” It took me and a team of 4 other people more than 4 months to complete and it’s getting great reviews so far.

We’re selling it for $299, which you’ll know is a great deal if you are familiar with the world of premium reports.

There’s a free sample and lots more information about the report over in this post on ReadWriteWeb. I hope you’ll check it out.

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