Twittering more than blogging

Update: This post was linked to by the BBC today, it’s the second time I’ve had a pull quote linked on the Tech section and I always get the most hillariously hostile comments! This one’s my favorite from this thread: “Blogging is like wearing a coat that says I am Billy No Mates.” Is that adorable or what? Much nicer than the really crude stuff I got last time. Keep up the good work BBC readers!

I was honestly woken up last week by the fear that I would stop blogging because Twitter is so much more compelling. The desktop tool Twitterific even more so. That’s not entirely the case, but I have been Twittering many a tweet lately. I thought it was stupid when I first heard about this short messaging system but now I love it. I won’t write an ode to twitter here, but just wanted to note my current affinity for very short form writing. Believe it or not, launching the blog editor page, coming up with a title, spell checking, chosing a category – is just more work than I want to do to share many short thoughts throughout the day.

I do want to write a long post here asap about media embargoes. I think they’re fascinating and the one we’ve got at SplashCast on an announcement we’re making tommorow morning has been an interesting experience to see unfold. So I’ll post some thoughts about that here soon. Thanks for stopping by!