About this blog (Q4 2017)

Blogs deserve love. As simple self-publishing technology, they have the potential to transform the world. This one’s helped transform my life – but I’ve been neglecting it. I’d like to try to change that.

Since moving from Google’s Blogger.com to my own self-hosted WordPress site here at Marshallk.com 12 years ago, this site has grown brittle. I just pared it down and I’m going to try to get back into the cadence of sharing things on it. If I can stick with it for a meaningful amount of time, then I’ll allow myself to invest some time and resources into making it look better. For now, I’m keeping it simple.

I’m going to try sharing one thing each day here that I find in my wide-ranging reading. I use a lot of automation, experts-as-filters, and a decade of professional experience in emerging web technology to consistently find great things to read and learn. I know that some of you will really appreciate the same things I appreciate. By discussing those things aloud, on the public web, we’re going to open up some new surface area for each other, some exciting new possibilities.

I hope you’ll join me. Specifically, I hope you’ll subscribe by email (I’m going to run this blog’s RSS feed through Mailchimp) and occasionally post a comment. I’ll reply. 🙂 We can act like we’re having a conversation at a party, it is called social media after all.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish us both luck.

  • tedder42

    I get that. I’ve put a few things on Medium because my blogspot blog has faded (decided to let it go after divorcing). So many yaks to shave to start again, but I’ve been bothered by the big social shops. We need Indieweb :/

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Thanks for sharing your experience Tedder-cat. Medium is pretty nice, especially the way it piggybacks with your Twitter network. I’m totally thankful for the network effects, the discovery, the accessibility, and more of the big social networks – but I don’t want to be homeless on the internet over the long term. I feel like if I’d have been consistent building my network of connections, and email subscribers, here on my personal blog over the past 10 years – I’d be in a really great place today. (I am in a great place, but that would be nice.) The 2nd best time to start that is now!