Add One Line To Your Blog or Twitter Could Become Your Primary Identity

92 Comments 03.30.09

OpenID community leader Scott Kveton noticed this morning that his Twitter profile page is now the #1 search result in Google for his last name, not his blog. This is something TechCrunch reported on earlier this month, but people are just starting to wrap their heads around it. I know I want this blog to remain the #1 search result for my name, not my Twitter profile.

In a conversation on FriendFeed, Ben Hedrington pointed out that in addition to the page title change that TechCrunch reported on – Twitter also uses the rel=”me” markup and Kveton’s blog does not. I looked and realized that my blog here doesn’t either!

So the long and short of this story is that if you want to make sure that Google understands your blog to be your primary beacon on the web, then you should add the words rel=”me” to a relevant link on your blog. I’ve added that tag to the link on my sidebar that goes to my feedback page, because that’s a good page for me. It’s as simple as making the link text read a href=”” rel=”me”.

That may not solve the entire problem but it should help and it’s good form. Machine readable microformats like rel=”me” are likely to be an increasingly important part of the web in the future. Would readers here suggest otherwise? If I’m reading too much into this, let me know.

I want to make sure you know about NTEN - the Nonprofit Technology Network.

NTEN helps nonprofits learn to use the web effectively.

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  • Dave Delaney

    Yikes! That’s for the heads up on this Marshall. I’m making the changes.


  • Hui Lory

    Twiter the hell =)

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  • david sanger

    has anyone had any luck placing rel=”me” links on Facebook profiles or pages?

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  • Bob

    Well Twitter is a very high authority site anyway so I’m not at all sold that your positioning in the serps was due to adding the rel=”me” to your link.

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    Twitter is doing my head in!! lol

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