Big Changes at SplashCast

0 Comments 03.24.07

I’m thrilled to write that we made some much needed changes to the player at SplashCast yesterday – the darned thing should really deliver like it’s supposed to now. There’s a whole lot of potential that wasn’t being realized but I think these changes will help. RSS is going to be big; readers here know how much I love RSS – that’s going to be at the center of SplashCast’s strategy and is a major part of why I joined the company.

Here’s my post on the changes over at the SplashCast change; big thanks to Mashable, Centernetworks and Widgets Lab for their unsolicited coverage of the revision.

Here’s the new player – give it a click and let me know what you think of the changes we’ve made:

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I'd say please send for help, but there's no other help to send for.