Blogging is alive, well and very inspiring

Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp PDX

Above, WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg speaks to a full house at WordCamp Portland. I posted this photo on Instagram along with a note about how publishing used to be the exclusive domain of those who could afford to own a printing press.

I’m attending WordPress Portland for the first time in years today and it’s really inspiring to be here. The room is full of self publishers, new voices online, and more than 70% of them identify as developers. So they create in words, images and code. Mullenweg says that WordPress will soon see more than 100 billion pageviews every month.

Blogging is beautiful, it elevates the human spirit and enriches public life. In my work on Plexus Engine I see a lot of blogs on niche topics and there’s a whole lot more blogging going on than you might think. Geneticist Daniel Swan blogs about moving from academia to the private genetics industry. Ana Lilian and Roxana A. Soto blog together about raising bilingual kids. Jeff Rothe blogs about his collection of classic arcade game machines. And I think the world is a much better place for it.

I remember discovering how easy it was to blog, not so many years ago, and I really hope that lots of people are still discovering how easy and how rewarding it is every day today. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are even easier – but there’s nothing like a good blog post.

  • It was a lovely surprise to see you here 🙂

  • I’d love to blog but don’t know where to start !

  • Patrick, start by reading what other people are writing – think about how you can add value and then start writing! That’s what I’d suggest.

  • Thanks Cami! I’m sorry I haven’t made it in awhile, it was an awesome event!

  • AA

    Blogging is alive because it is pure and simple publishing. Publishing has never gone out of fashion. However, blogging platform has not evolved in many years which includes WordPress without any exception.

  • Well said. I was really happy with how WordCamp turned out this year. Thanks for coming by on Saturday!