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Check Out This Poll Widget

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This is from Urtak and looks a lot like Hunch. I think it’s a pretty compelling user experience. Poll creation is pretty weak, but easy. Let me know what you think and I’ll tell you what I think of it once we’re on the other side.

Checking in at the admin side, I now see that I can’t even find my poll to check results. Oh well, I sure like the idea anyway.

It’s messy, I can’t figure out why it’s cutting off the first few words of my first sentence above.

  • Jon

    I like this idea. I like the presentation.

    I’m having one of those ‘duh: me’ moments. Why is it that the obvious is sometimes only obvious after we’ve seen it?

  • Great widget! What I liked most is the rolling of the questions – in that way you answer much more than on any other scary scrollable list with 10+ Qs. Also the ability to see a chart with the results after each answer is also great!

  • structure is lot like aardvark but polldaddy polls are far better, UI for widget needs to be renovated first problem is the font size, better have some bigger buttons

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