Chris Pirillo on OPML

I couldn’t be more impressed with the work Chris Pirillo is doing right now with live and archived video – it’s really good stuff. I’ve been tweeting about it, talking to people about it and now I’m going to blog about it.

Today one of his segments was an answer to a question I asked that lead to a 6 minute discussion about OPML. What is OPML? The simplest explanation is that it’s a bundle of RSS feeds that can be ported into and out of an RSS reader. For a more fleshed out explanation and discussion, though, let’s go to Chris… /

Besides working with your own feeds, to switch from one feed reader and another for example, there’s much more you can do with OPML. If you ever think to Google the phrase “useful OPML files” (hah! who would?) well then you’d find my post titled 5 Useful OPML Files. That’s got more info and some neato examples of ways that OPML can be fun and useful!

See also: Here’s a post I wrote awhile ago about live video – I think it’s going to be huge.