Corporate Social Strategist List Now Doubled in Size

Back in January I did some fun hacking together of a Twitter list and some stats about corporate social strategists on Twitter, based on a great list of people in charge of social technology strategy at companies around the world compiled by Jeremiah Owyang.

Jeremiah kept adding to his list, though, and I quickly fell behind in trying to find each new addition to his list on Twitter and adding them to my Twitter list. Last month I finally figured out a way to get myself caught up and a list that was 141 members strong is now up to 277!

Here’s that list, if you haven’t started following it already. And here are a bunch of metrics and insights into the first half of the list. (If you’re interested in this kind of research about any other business sector, but better, you should contact me, by the way.)

Here’s how I caught up on list updates, if you’re interested. I copied all the names on Jeremiah’s updated list into a Google Doc, then I copied all the names on my Twitter List into another Google Doc. Then I emailed my favorite virtual assistant service Fancyhands and asked them to send me a list of the people on Jeremiah’s list but not on mine. They did that promptly. Then I sent the resulting list back into Fancyhands on another work request and asked for everyone’s Twitter username on that list.

Then I turned the resulting list into a bunch of links to those Twitter profiles. Then I changed my Twitter password. Oooooh, scary! Then I gave my new Twitter password to my fabulous new friend Steve Malloy and he did me the favor of adding all the new people to the official list! Thank you so much, Steven, for helping all of us keep track of the Tweets of social strategy leaders around the world!

  • Great list @marshallk but I love your hacks (and that you share them) even more. Thanks again.

  • Thanks Tac!

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  • Ayeesha Abbasi


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