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Four Things I Wish I Could Add to My Computing Life

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1. “Remember this iPhone app.” How often do you read some mention of an app, find it in the store and think “I might want to buy this later?” That happens to me often and I don’t end up buying those apps.

2. LinkedIn Connect – like Facebook Connect but for LinkedIn. When you see people commenting around the web or really doing anything – how often do you wish you could easily see what they do for a living? I wish for that all the time.

3. Desktop icon image selection for iPhone links saved to the phone’s desktop. I know I’ve got all kinds of links saved with ugly blurred text icons – why not let me flip through images from the page like Facebook lets you do when posting links?

I posted this from my iPhone in part to test WordPress 2.8 posting by phone and it worked pretty well. I wish (4.) there was a button on the iPhone keyboard to insert a link! UPDATE: What a wish come true! It appears I can select a word or phrase in a blog post here and click the WP visual editor button to add a link. They might call it copy & paste but clearly “select” has other uses as well!

How about you? What’s on your “little feature” wishlist for the web or mobile?

  • Hi Marshall,

    How funny you mention point 2.

    I sat down next to the LinkedIn spokesman at lunch at the AdTech Conference in Sydney earlier this year.

    I mentioned they should create a Connect system for the reasons you mention.

    The guy looked at me blankly, he was new to the job and had a VC background.

    It’s a great fit for them, for sure.

  • Hi Marshall,

    I loved it.
    LinkedIn connect is a great idea! i would take it into the next level and like there is an openID i would suggest socialID an idthat connects profiles not just logins 🙂


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