Get Lots of Women Tech Bloggers’ Feeds in One (OPML) File!

Anne Zelenka of Anne2.0 has really pulled of quite a feat and helped answer the question “where are the women bloggers?” in a neat way using cutting edge tools. She created a bit of code that grabbed the blogroll from, home of one of the most extensive lists of women bloggers, found the RSS feeds for those blogs and squeezed them all into one OPML file. That means there’s one URL to copy and paste into your RSS reader and kapow – you’re subscribed to a huge number of women tech bloggers. Nice! Here’s that URL: WomenTechBloggers

update: Anne says “I don’t think it’s all that useful right now… it’s a huge number of feeds to suddenly start paying attention to. Still, interesting as a beginning exploration.” But I think she’s wrong. My initial thoughts after the more link…Double Update: Here’s my thoughts on why this glob of feeds is valuable:

Two possibilities arise- first, if you read feeds via a “river of news” option (show me all items, newest first, regardless of what feeds they came in) then this could drastically turn around that experience. I am not sure whether bloglines even gives you this option or if you still have to read whole feeds at once – but allows this and it’s great.

Second, if there was the power available to do this (I’ve tried and my limited tech skills can’t quite make it happen) you could create unique channels within this glob of feeds like “give me a feed of items containing the word ‘RSS’ or ‘environmentalism’ across all of these feeds”. That would be great, wouldn’t it? I tried taking these feeds through the following steps, but servers timed out every time I tried to set it up: OPML to RSS, RSS filtered by FeedDigest, display feed in one of a variety of ways. Could make this happen for 5-10 feeds, but don’t know how to make it happen for 100+. Doesn’t it seem possible, and more important, valuable – though? Go mine feeds from various link lists, then splice together and filter for key words and you’re creating community newswires as big and specialized as you’d like. I’d like to do that. And I’m sure there are other things this OPML file could me used to do too.

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