How to do influencer marketing so it drives tons of business opportunity

I read a pretty good post titled How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing: Ten Tips From the Experts and I thought I should write down my approach. This is a simple and enjoyable, if challenging, way for people and companies to drive tons of business their way using social networks.  This is how I built my career, how a bunch of the biggest companies in the world have come to our company’s website and how many of our customers do it. You can do it too.

4 steps! (And the 4th one is just “repeat”)

Step 1. Find well-known people who you find interesting and who are sharing things publicly online.

Step 2. Talk to them about the things. Try to be interesting when you do.

Step 3. Make sure when they notice and turn to look at who you are, you’ve got an dignified, credible, interesting web presence.

Step 4. Repeat.

Repeat until you find yourself in public and private conversations with the leading voices in your industry. They will engage back with you in time and they’ll share your work with their audiences, once they know you, if it’s good enough.

All this conversation will lead to you showing up in search results, you showing up in other people’s social timelines, and more traffic to the website where you offer things for sale. 

Those conversations will lead to you getting offered business opportunities and you hearing about other opportunities early. 

The social web is an abundant place for those who make consistent, good faith, high-value contributions to it.
Our company automates step 1 above and makes step 2 a lot easier.  These steps are good to do at all and great to do really well.  Step 3 you’re on your own for and step 4 is just “repeat.” (Easier said than done, though.)

I hope this has been useful. Please share your thoughts with me. Thanks.

  • Marshall I am glad to see your posts showing up in the rss feed again.

    My only contribution here is that your method is the exact same one taught to me by my grandmother many years ago. I was a bit slow to develop past my inferiority complex, making me (to put it bluntly) afraid to engage at school functions.

    Her advice was basically this: Listen. If there’s a conversation that’s interesting, listen to the voices. When you get a chance to ask an honest question, take it. Ask the question and learn something. If you’re interested, it’s easy to do. If not, go find another conversation that you Are interested in and try it there. Don’t try to fake it. Oh, and shine your shoes…