How to read 3X more than you do today

The democratization of the printing press (by that I mean the internet) has led to a new problem: information overload.

A related problem is the shortage of time we have to read the internet.  If you are someone who makes money or participates in the world otherwise, your work will be more effective, producing more value per labor hour, if it’s informed by the best thinking from your peers around the world. Right? Right.

But how? Who has the time to read very much? 

For the past several months I’ve been reading 3 to 10 articles online everyday, some very long, by using a new tool. I don’t know how much you read but that’s a huge increase for me.

I tell people about it every day and everyone is amazed. It’s Pocket! Specifically the text-to-speech function in Pocket. It’s life changing. 

If you want a new super power, go install the Pocket browser plug in for bookmarking, and the mobile app for reading. Or being read to! Then open an article, click the three dot menu in the bottom right of the page, and go take your dog for a walk. Or wash your dishes. 

Tell a friend, you’ll thank me later. I just wanted to put this down “on paper.” Now I’ve got to board a flight back to Portland and listen to 10 articles about our biggest customer’s developer conference read aloud to me in flight!

  • Tip: People listening to saved articles on iOS sh/d consider installing Alex. Support for more voices including female would be nice.


  • Marshall Kirkpatrick

    thanks Sebastien! I’m excited to try that.

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Ok, I’ve been trying it and I think it’s my go-to voice now. Thanks again!