I Need Help With WAV to MP3 Conversion

Is there somebody out there that can help me figure something out about audio file conversion. Here’s the things I’m dealing with:

1. Gizmo Project records in .WAV format
2. I have a Mac
3. Audacity works fine until I try to export to mp3 and then all versions I’ve found of LameLib crash the program with an error mssg.
4. Drag and drop into Garage Band sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks, who I have not interviewed.
5. I cannot find any WAV to MP3 conversion software online for Mac that works.

I’ll bet some body out there can help me figure this out. If so, please send me an email at emailmarshall@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you after New Years.

Speaking of which have a good one. And my partner Mikalina sends her regards.

UPDATE: Woo hoo! I think I figured out how to do it! The Gizmo Project forums contained advice to use iTunes to convert to MP3, and I downloaded Cacophony to do the editing with instead of Audacity. I’ll have to see how awesome that is, but it sure looks like it works. Without converting the file to any obscure formats, most importantly! Yay!

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