I’m going to try a live “help desk” experiment by Skype next Friday

Update: This first experimental call’s roster is filled (yay!) but if you’d like to be contacted about future events like this, leave a comment below and I’ll get your email via the email field and will let you know when the next time comes up. Or you can subscribe to my blog.

Inspired by an announcement by the NewsGator Enterprise team that they are going to start doing weekly webinars, I want to try an experiment as well. Next Friday, April 7th at Noon Pacific Standard Time, I want to have a Skype conference call with anyone I can help implement the kinds of things I write about here. I’m sure we’ll all end up helping each other as well. No cost. This is the kind of thing I’d like to end up doing professionally some day (conference calls on specific training topics) and so let’s see how it works.

For manageability, let’s say that the call will be limited to the first three people who sign up plus myself. If these conversations go well, I’ll do some at other times of day so we can go international. Thoughts?

Update: It looks like we’ve got Seth Mazow from Interplast and Norris McDonald from the African American Environmentalist Association signed up to participate in the call so far. Seth wants to talk about using tags to increase visibility online and Norris wants to talk about leveraging Skype and blogs together. That means we’ve got one slot left for the first phone call. Care to join us?

Good topics to discuss might be:

  • Reputation and issue tracking for groups or individuals.
  • Getting the most out of RSS, either as a reader or a publisher.
  • Tagging, making it work.

If you’re new to my site, here’s some links that might fill you in on my perspective:
Teaching RSS: a discussion
13 reasons to use tags.

Those are just some ideas. If there are specific things you’d like help with, like setting up a FeedBurner feed or a MonitorThis search, that would be great. It’s not going to be too thorough, mostly just some good suggestions from myself and other participants. That’s how I’m guessing it will go.

Send me an email or leave a comment on this post to tell me what you’d like to discuss and that you’d like to participate. If you’d like to discuss something I don’t think I could add a lot of value around, I’ll tell you so and see if I can refer you to someone else. We’ll figure something wonderful out, I’ll bet. Maybe this is crazy, but I don’t think so.

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