I’m Joining Splashcast

I’ve been offered and have decided to accept a full time position as Director of Content at a pre-launch Portland startup called Splashcast. Splashcast is a multimedia platform that I believe is going to change the web in some important ways. TechCrunch broke the news. Here’s my new boss’s post on my joining. When TechCrunch and I parted ways, I intended to go independent – but this is a job I couldn’t pass up.

In the position, I’ll be highlighting the best groups of videos, photos, audio and text feeds from around the web, engaging in conversations about technology trends and online media news and co-ordinating guest editors from more niches than can be imagined. It’s a totally meta gig 😉 I hope to break some news, too. Along the way, I’ll help raise the profile of Splashcast’s show-stopping good product. The company has an enterprise software background and I have great confidence in our ability to execute.

I think it will be a great place for me to combine my public interest concerns with the fast pace of the for-profit startup world. From independent journalism to modern dance performances to photo slide shows of train yard graffiti set to the music of emerging underground hip hop artists – Splashcast is going to be a great way to spin out channels of thematic media content. I’m excited to demonstrate how it can be done by creating and co-ordinating channels like that myself. I hope that many people will want to use the Splashcast media sharing system but I intend to create a premier destination for highlighted User Generated Content that will be worth visiting regularly for anyone online.

Here’s the feed – I hope you’ll subscribe and join us for the ride.