I’m Joining the Corante Network!

2 Comments 11.28.05

I couldn’t be much more excited, starting tomorow morning my writing here is going to be syndicated by the Corante network in their new “web hub.” Looking at the bios of the other contributors, I’m super honored to have gotten the gig. Huge thanks to Pete Cashmore at Mashable blog, whose blog roll got me the intro to the Corante editors. Now I have to get back to writing the good stuff that got me the gig in the first place!

HEY: Carbon is a heat trapping gas. We are pumping huge amounts of carbon into the air. We have been humans for between 200k and 1.8m years and it's not clear we're going to make it another 200.

I'd say please send for help, but there's no other help to send for.